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Nine Lives and Michl Kill Their Way To Heaven
Created on 28 January 2015. For immediate release

Artists: Michl
Title: Kill Our Way To Heaven (Nine Lives Remix)
Release date: Out now (free download)

Nine Lives purr louder than most duos by releasing a string of heart-melting remixes. From Louis The Child's Next Wave/Ultra Music release "It's Strange" (ft. K. Flay) to Morten's PRMD release "Beautiful Heartbeat" (ft. Frida Sundemo), they show their attitude by remixing dance music's latest gems. If their mixes are getting released alongside Boombox Cartel, The Knocks and Avicii, they've clearly got something going on.

Their latest and perhaps greatest remix is Michl's debut hit "Kill Our Way To Heaven", which passed a million spins on Soundcloud in three months. Michl details his generation's relentless pursuit of happiness, killing our way to heaven at whoever's expense. Nine Lives show a similar determination in starting up their careers, except instead of killing their way to heaven they're dancing their way there.

The duo have taken the original downtempo indie jam and added their own thrilling drums, knocking bass, and sparking 8-bit synths to give Michl's song another life. Spicing up their foundational groove, Nine Lives perks our ears with formant basses that sound like roars and swelling synths that wake us up like a sunset. If you want to be feline this groove, press play right meow!

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